Bodu – a must-have website for Chinese in Southeast Asia

Bodu – a must-have website for Chinese in Southeast Asia, established in April 2019. It is a website that specializes in providing services to Chinese people in Southeast Asia.
At present, the domestic economy is in recession, and the number of gold diggers in Southeast Asia has also increased exponentially. Southeast Asian workers urgently need a channel to accurately and timely understand real-time information/international relations/convenience of life. In such an environment, “Bodu” came into being.
“Bodu” Southeast Asia news and information sharing is the first in the industry. News information is timely and objective, and policy interpretation is accurate. This is closely related to the “Bodu” editorial team. The editorial team of “Bodu” was born in the news media industry and has rich experience in the news industry. The chief editor has 6 years of experience in the news media industry.
“Bodu” not only provides real-time information/convenient life services for Chinese people in Southeast Asia, but the “Bodu” technical team also spares no effort to develop common tools; such as the first “Bodu Work Permit Inquiry System”, “Bodu Software Library”, etc. tool.
In addition to its main website “”, “Bodu” also has a recruitment website “overseas recruitment network”, which specializes in providing human resources services for practitioners in Southeast Asia.